Your Calendar Is Your Boss

Show me your calendar…

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Your boss in Network Marketing should be your calendar. When I’m coaching people, the first thing I ask is for them to show me their calendar.

I want to see that you are employing yourself. I want to see the hour you’ve scheduled to prospect, follow up, close, get people started, train and communicate with your team, etc.

I once saw a documentary on Joan Rivers, one of the most prolific and hard-working women in comedy. And in the documentary, she asked if they wanted to see what terror looked like, and she opened up her calendar to a page that was empty.

That’s terror.

The page before was all filled, and Joan said, “That brings me joy. That means I’m out there doing my thing in the world.”

An empty calendar should be terrorizing to you. And yet most of you don’t even have one!

If you have a calendar filled with specific activities…you’re going to win. If you’re just winging it…I can guess your income and your bank balance.

I’m not saying you have to be full time. I’m saying in the time that you have, you have to be efficient.

So, make the hours you set sacred. Most of you will set your hours, but anything in the world will knock those hours off track.

You get a cold…those hours go out the window. Somebody in the family has a crisis…those hours go out the window.

You’ll still go to your job, but your Network Marketing business isn’t sacred. Until it’s sacred, there’s only so far you’re going to go.

Even though Network Marketing is forgiving, don’t ask for the forgiveness every day.

7 thoughts on “Your Calendar Is Your Boss

  1. One person should not be responsible for the lives of those they employ. When a group of humans are employed to a business idea they are taken away from what they themselves were meant to be. I highly advise researching what a resource based economy is and how it can and will benefit all intenectual being of this planet we call earth.

    Please note that during the time of employment they are able to obtain what is needed but when that financial
    Employment stops debts can and will start to accumulate. This is the current global debt accumulated by every monetized corporate country that exists on earth. If a human is not able to earn enough hours they will loose everything that is absolutely essential to existing on earth for example the possibility of loosing ones home due to unforeseen circumstances.

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