How to Start the Conversation on Social

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Bri Richardson shares her strategy for starting the conversation of social media.

I have recruited over 400 people on social media, mostly Facebook. My goal every single day is to start new conversations and then follow up with the old ones.

A lot of people know that social media is great for recruiting, but when it comes to what they say, people do it so wrong. They post something to someone they don’t even know very well and immediately ask them if they want to join their team. That’s the wrong way to do it.

Instead, one of the more successful ways is to beat around the bush and spend time fostering the relationship before bringing up your opportunity. Another way is to go bold and just start the conversation.

In my organization, we use the 3 C’s.
1. Crazy
2. Compliment
3. Confidence

Now, this strategy can be spammy if you don’t use it correctly. You have to be genuine and use it intentionally with people you have some sort of connection with already.

So, think of someone that you really want to start the conversation with, but you don’t know how to start it. Here’s what you can say…

“Listen Sarah, you’re going to think I’m absolutely crazy, I get it.” – That serves as the ice breaker.

Then you’re going to give them a compliment. – “But I keep seeing you pop up on my Facebook news feed, and oh my gosh, your hair is gorgeous. What shampoo are you using?”

And then you give them some confidence. – “I think that you have an amazing network. People are always commenting on all of your social media posts. You would be amazing at what I do. What are your thoughts on working with me?”

End your post/message by giving them the confidence that they would rock the business. And that can present itself in many different ways as long as you make it genuine to who you’re talking to. Maybe it’s the network they have, their bubbly personality, or their looks. But whatever it is, say “This is amazing about you. You would be so good at what I do.”

And finally, leave them with that open-ended question, “What are your thoughts on working with me?” Don’t ask them to join your team. Just say, “What are your thoughts on working with me?”

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  1. 0:00 – “I start NEW CONVERSATIONS each day and follow up with old ones.” — Sarah

    2:53 – “What are your thoughts about working with me?” — Sarah

    *How to Start the Conversation **_(about your network marketing business)_** on Social*


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