Why You're Afraid

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7 thoughts on “Why You're Afraid

  1. Hi Matt, I came across your videos a day ago. I’m literally addicted to watching them. Can’t believe how many tips and how much practical advice you are giving. Even calculating how many no’s are required before you can earn a full time/higher income. You can’t get more practical than that. I’m applying it all now and can see how far off I am, but conversely how near I am to getting better each time. Thank you!

  2. Good way of putting things into perspective…fear of staying the same. Is fear the inverse of success? We have to conquer it to break thru to help others do the same

  3. Great Matt, but if I don’t have the proper vehicle (product or service) my life will remain the same no matter how hard I work…. What is the best Network Marketing vehicle??

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