How to Hire Superstars | Tony Robbins & Eben Pagan

“Hire superstars only; don’t settle for average…The best predictor of their future performance is their past performance, actually.” – Eben Pagan
In this interview, available in its full length in the DVD set of The New Money Masters, Eben Pagan teaches Tony Robbins his system for evaluating new hires. Read the entire article here:

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7 thoughts on “How to Hire Superstars | Tony Robbins & Eben Pagan

  1. “Adding values to other’s lives makes you invaluable”
    love your video….and go use them to sky rocket meeee. Clients say it feels like she’s grabbed your hand through the tears, the triumphs and everything in between, I give clients permission to act the way you already know you want to act deep down inside. If you listen to the weak people and their beliefs on how you should behave it begins to tame your inner beast! Want a breath of fresh air in a world where there’s an epidemic of mediocrity and conformity and weakness. Join straight forward approach. No bull, no indirect message. Just pure simple easy ways to become EXTRAORDINARY!. Give yourself permission to beat your own drum to open a space of greatness.

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    ~ Learn how to let go of resistance beliefs and transform those heavy emotions.

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  2. It would be very interesting if the new employee reverse that and asked the boss to just take Thirty Seconds to 1 minute out of his day the comment on the employee’s performance for the day

  3. GHere’s the problem….one of the easiest ways to misevaluate something as a human being is to segregate our evaluation as if it were physically removed from the rest of the matter in the equation which represents both the existence of and relation between all things in existence and that will ever come into being.

    We work specifically to produce continuance…and..if we allow ourselves to believe that an achieved but partitioned objective is the only part we are obligated to think about then we are almost mechanically guaranteed to falsify how effectively our work served to produce continuance truly.

    For example….many employers willfully raised their wages beyond what was responsible for them to pay…but they never perceived the act of ensuring the rent rates did not quadruple as part of their obligation…and those rocketing rent rates made their wage increases both worthless..but also to compete with construction contractor who could now pay more than oil and gas…for far less skill than many other trades…this compounding derivative effect will ensure that the availability of skilled workers for the next generation of anything outside of salesmen, bankers, and construction related industry is heavily modified….in addition to the many other derivative impacts.

    In the last 40 years much of our TV and music programming was psychologically training people to quit their job or talk trash about the employee, boss, company, and customer….yet not one major hiring firm stepped up to correct it….nor did he from any other segment. Not even the civil Rights groups bothered to invest in in making people aware that the programming was devalidating civil liberty in all nation’s and taring our future apart.

    Additionally…legislation like Clinton’s housing scam, NAFTA, and Obama’s healthcare scam shut down many thousands of companies…most of our population does not have steady work history…but hiring managers are still determining fate as if it were genuinely valid to judge on work history.

    Today…most of us are contract and may be fired at anytime…if we are asked to do something that will get us hurt we be may be fired for not doing it…if we do it and get hurt we will be be fired and screwed over by the insurance company as well as the next arrogant hiring manager who is paid far more than worth to falsify the value of his segregated input while the community is ravaged by thieves.

    Here’s what is…if you can’t get your heads out of your asses and start building fellowship investing in the future of all truly…then the poverty for all nation’s in place of what could have been will be your fault…and your children by nature seeing you as smart will emulate you and thank you for it.

  4. the biggest bullshit artist in the industry and he is getting exposed slowly but surley because of the internet, but i got to admit he built a very stong cult following that defends him when they have 0 proof anything Tony says works, literally crazy

  5. Hey Tony, I hired based on personality traits, of course speciality mattered, such as accounting etc… what also mattered training and following up. So I say hire people that are smarter than you, train them then let them run. It worked for me. I started a couple of companies from the ground up and this worked for me :-).

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