Framework For Overcoming Objections

Framework to Overcome Objection In Network Marketing

Welcome back to part 2 of our closing series! In this episode I’m going to give a framework to overcome objection in network marketing that you’ll need for the future episodes that go into very specific objections.

Before you go into any meeting or any presentation ALWAYS remind yourself and affirm these three things:

1. Attitude – You MUST Have NO Emotional Attachment. Whenever you enter a room, you’ve got to posture yourself in way that tells the people around you that you’re the president and CEO of your own multimillion dollar enterprise. That’s gotta be your attitude. You MUST have a level of confidence that you’re going to be successful with or without any one person that says yes or no to your business.

2. Dreams – Your dream for what you want in your life MUST be bigger than any one persons objection.

3. Sorting Versus Selling – I asked the top leaders in my company what their main objection was when they saw the business. And this is the important part…

NONE of the top producers had an objection, not one! They said they saw it, it clicked, and they ran with it. It’s those people that are going to produce biggest results.

Sort to find them versus sell to find just anyone. You only need to find a couple people like that and even if you sort through 100’s or even thousands of people to find them, it’s those people that are going to be top producers so it’s worth it!

Network marketing is NOT a selling business, network marketing is a SORTING business.

So start with those three things before you even start!

And sometimes, those people are “hidden” behind objection so let me give you something that can increase your numbers:

When someone gives you an objection, you want to have the attitude of you don’t care.

You’re NOT trying to sell them. Remember, you’re the president and CEO of your own multi-million dollar operation, your dreams are bigger than one persons opinion or objection, and you’re there to sort NOT sell!

Then you hear a popular one like, I don’t have the money for example.

Here’s the framework I use to overcome objection in network marketing

You know what John, I totally here what you’re saying. But is it really that you don’t have the money or is just your polite way of saying no?

If they really don’t want to do it, just shake their hand and thank them for taking a look at it.

If they say something like, no I want to but…

Question #2:

Alright Jon tell me this, do you really want to do this? (Have him convince you that he wants to do it)

Question #3:

Are you sure? Are you serious? Do you really want to do it?

Now, once you’ve got them selling you on why they want to do it, your only job is to be a consultant. To help them work through whatever it is that’s holding them back from getting started.

Now you’re helping him figure out how to get what’s in his best interest not in your best interest. You’re helping him get what he wants and that’s what makes people attracted to you and that’s what defines a true leader.

Other things you can say to add to the framework to overcome objection in network marketing

Feel, Felt, Found

I know exactly how you feel. I’ve felt the same way. Here’s what I found (tell them a story about a top leader in the company)

Use the top leaders in the company. Become their friends. You need to know their story!

That’s a basic framework on how to handle objection in network marketing. Don’t over think it, it’s really simple. Don’t ever complicate it, it’s really simple. Don’t think you can’t do this, it’s really simple!

If you just DO it, you’ll see how amazingly well it works and always remember it’s a sorting business versus a selling business!

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Make Life An Adventure!

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