How to Handle Objections To Network Marketing with Eric Worre

All the ways to identify and communicate with people that automatically respond with an objection.

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7 thoughts on “How to Handle Objections To Network Marketing with Eric Worre

  1. “It’s my thing” or “how will I get people” or “I have known about it for long time but I didn’t like it cause its a scam” or “I don’t want to stress my self, I want my money to work for me”

  2. The best response to a network marketing ‘opportunity’. These side line mentors will tell you “No means not just now” how to degrade your self respect and integrity when you beg for a favour from others to sign up for your ‘opportunity’. The standard response should read…. “Sorry definitely NO, I don’t want to become a thick skinned sleazy bag of puss who regards people as a cash advance, something to make money from, a commodity to exploit and I don’t want to recruit others, especially my family, friends etc or supply a list of ‘people who may be interested in your ‘business opportunity’. That unfortunately will leave them open to further exploitation by the more senior bags of puss who are a feature of this industry” ie. the parasites who exploit and live well from others, uncle Eric is included. He smiles, all the way to the bank, with your money while you live on pathetic script lines, mindless rhetoric and the shallow hope that ‘one day’ you MIGHT make it……IF you work hard, subscribe and ‘follow his system’. Absolute horse sh.t…It will not happen….EVER! This industry boasts a 97-99% failure rate, 100% in many cases, not a glowing resume’ for financial success! its pond life will say otherwise!

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