Do This To Find Your People – Jessie Lee Ward & Network Marketing Pro

Jessie Lee Ward speaks at Network Marketing Pro’s Go Pro Recruiting Mastery event and chats all about how she finds her people. Watch the video and get keys to network marketing success now!

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7 thoughts on “Do This To Find Your People – Jessie Lee Ward & Network Marketing Pro

  1. Organically, free. Find your humans, attract your tribe. Where do I find my humans? Painting, planting, fashion, music, kids, football! We all have things. Who was I before kids? I was edgy, I was cool, I was a fashionista, I was retro and vintage, I wore Fanny packs!! My “five” things. Facebook groups, hashtags, based on hobbies! You have to find YOUR people, if you don’t they won’t find YOU. Start interacting!

  2. I truly believe her recommendations are awesome and phenomenal for MLM lovers in all over the world,regardless of her presenting method on the stage.
    so god bless you Jessie.

  3. I don’t know why this popped up on my feed. But there is plenty of us who absolutely loathe MLM. And if you start joining Facebook groups based around hobbies just to try and recruit people to your pyramid scheme I guarantee you most will kick you out or mock you. As they should. It’s predatory and annoying

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