What To Do When You Feel Like Quitting?

In this week’s show Eric helps us to better understand what to do and how to push forward when we feel like quitting. At some point in your career Network Marketing career, you might find yourself so discouraged that you feel like quitting…. Worry not, this is a common emotion not only for people in network marketing, but all entrepreneurs.
As Eric points out, you might struggle with self-doubt, or think you don’t have the skills, or discipline, or that you aren’t a good enough leader, or the compensation plan doesn’t work for you, or you missed your rank advancement, or a million other reasons might make you feel like quitting. There are many reasons to quit. You can always find a justification to quit. But if your dream is strong enough, there will always be a reason to stay.
There will always be a reason to push through. There will always be a reason to help others. Maybe it’s knowing that your product or service is going to have an impact on the world and you can’t let that go. Maybe it’s taking care of those family members that maybe can’t take care of themselves as well as maybe you could help them. Maybe it’s seeing that next person in your group, the fire light up in their eyes because of you, because you persevered, because you worked when no one else was watching, because you decided to do something that other people weren’t willing to do. That sense of pride that you did something. That sense of pride that you went through the battle. In closing, Eric imparts these words of wisdom – “understand that going through the challenge; understand the challenge is what makes something of you; the challenge is what creates something of you.”

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7 thoughts on “What To Do When You Feel Like Quitting?

  1. Awesome video. Always ask yourself, ‘what’s my why?’ Why did I get into network marketing in the first place? This is what I do, and it has always helped me to keep pushing on during the challenging times of wanting to quit.

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