How to Handle Real Life Expenses – Kim Kiyosaki [CASFHLOW Clubs]

The CASHFLOW Board Game is a representation of what Robert and I went through to get to where we are today. This game is our journey and a way to share it with you all in a fun and educational way.

Along our journey, we were faced with many expenses and so we came up with the 10/10/10 plan.
Every month we took 30 percent from our paychecks and divvied it up like so: 10% Investment, 10% Savings, and 10% Charity or Tithing.

Our third piggy bank called “charity” or tithing was so we could give 10 percent of our income to charity because we believe in giving back and that you must give in order to receive.

Another way to make this game even more realistic was by adding the component of landing on the space “baby” because these are real-life expenses everyone should consider. If your children are financially educated in the right way then they can actually turn out to be assets in your life as opposed to liabilities.

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7 thoughts on “How to Handle Real Life Expenses – Kim Kiyosaki [CASFHLOW Clubs]

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