This Is BAD NEWS for the U.S Dollar – Robert Kiyosaki Quarantine Updates

Bad news for the U.S. dollar and everyone who is working, saving, and investing in the stock market.

In his most recent update during quarantine, Robert Kiyosaki tweeted:

DEATH of FAKE $. Criminal Fed buying ETFs like loser Japan. Buffet sitting in $ avoiding stocks. Hedge Fund royalty Paul Tudor Jones buys stake in Bitcoin saying “Bitcoin same as gold in 1971.” Bitcoin hardening. FAKE $ softening. Fake $ biggest loser. Buy gold silver Bitcoin.

Listen as he gives his take on what’s happening with the Fed and their plan to buy ETFs to save the dollar.

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7 thoughts on “This Is BAD NEWS for the U.S Dollar – Robert Kiyosaki Quarantine Updates

  1. My question to Mr R kiosaki is who told you you don’t pay tax? Know one thing -Tax is unavoidable .
    When you buy property as assets, do you know tax is already included for every purchase you make so how the Fk you tell people rich don’t pay tax

  2. Financial Experts will still tell you Cash Is King above anything else. You invest to make more cash, you buy Gold to maintain your Cash, Bit Coins mimic cash which you spend like cash. Bit Coin is risky and an unstable investment!

  3. The new experience with the digital market made things seem pretty complicated. but with pro traders like celestina, i buy them with 100% peace of mind. And it’s no doubt a reliable online creative stream

  4. Equities are backed by governments and dollars are tangible which are still used to barter around the world. Bitcoin is not. Look at the volatility of bitcoin in the last decade. Tell me one of the top currencies that had a comparable volatility? The scam to lure stupid money into bitcoin is real. Maybe in 100 years a virtual currency will be comparable. I highly doubt such a drastic shift of culture in such a short period of time will occur. Quantum computing will be first before a virtual currency takes a substantial market share of investors.

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