Tony Robbins: Being a Powerful Leader = Being a Powerful Servant

What makes someone a great leader and a hero to others? Watch as Tony shares that being a hero actually means being a servant to something bigger than one’s self, and that focusing on the greater good as opposed to just your needs will reap massive rewards.

7 thoughts on “Tony Robbins: Being a Powerful Leader = Being a Powerful Servant

  1. The ultimate servant! Do I believe that I qualify? I `d like to think so! For the past 25 years I sheltered pets, in a natural way. And the last 7 years I opened my home and shelter for other people with special needs and health challenge, to work and connect with the pets and eachother. To learn, heal and help the elderly who live alone, with taking care of their pet. Also the lonely elderly recieve a pet in their home who matches the person and situation. The pet is a rescued animal with no other option for rehoming. Volunteers and intern help with their care and keep the elderly also human company and help with chores around the house. Take them out in nature, to musea or friends they otherwise cannot visit. Do I get paid? NO. Do I serve? YES I work and keep studying 7 days a week, 14 hours a day 365 days a year, without a brake or day of. I am totally committed. And wont stop until I manifest my dream. My dream is to make this beautiful work available to all lonely and healthchallenged people all over the world. What is more, I want to build sanctuaries like my home, all over the world. Buy properties to build little houses on where people can live alone, if they choose, or in pairs, fours, whatever their need. With community building. Work, live, learn, heal, care, relax, and tend the animals and the earth. All as nature and the Devine intended. Dont use up the earth, but build tiny houses, or dome houses. You do not need castles. The earth will be the Castle! Nature will be restored and animals will be given their rightfull place back and live without being abused or used for personal gain. This place will be a safehaven for those who are mistreated and wounded in life, but also for people who dedicate themselves to serving the planet, humanity and the animal kingdom. Poeple of all races, genders, countries, professions, with special needs, or special gifts. If you have no special gift that you belief, do not belief that! You are enough, everyone is enough, just the way they are, to apply for a place in this sanctuary. The only thing I ask is that you be the leader Tony speaks of, just as I am. But, there is always a but…I need also to serve my self , heal my own inner wounds and finally find a way to being paid for what I do! How: well, I registered with Gerry Robert to write a book and get my message out. I spend all my life savings on this, every cent I earned in the past, in nickels and dimes, and euro`s, in cleaning jobs, waitressing, other jobs. I kept it for the occasion that maybe my foundation would lose its funds. But that would never be enough and the money does not multiply sitting in my attic. That is not all I did. I now registered with Marisa Peer to become RTT hypnotherapist and make this a part of special healing skills that are needed to become the best leader and mother of the sanctuary I envision. So I gave my all, my body, heart and soul to be the leader people need. To spread unconditional love all across the planet and to give people safe havens to live and heal and heal the planet and eachother. Who wants to step up to my plate? My name is Marjan, and you will hear from me. The book: RESCUED..How Pets can Help Lose the Loneliness and reconnect us to Ourselves and Others. A guide for coaches, caregivers, the elderly and health challenged.

  2. Beautiful insight from an inspirational man. Interesting to see that “hero” means serving beyond yourself and it certainly holds true to this day. Being a leader isn’t necessarily being a hero, but sometimes the line should be blurred as the leader should be ready and willing to serve their team for the greater good.

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