How To Overcome The Money Objection

When the money objection comes up…

You must have something ready!

In this video, I’m going to give you the word-for-word script…

The same script I’ve been using for years to overcome the “I don’t have money” objection!

I’ll tell you this…

It’s not JUST what you say, but your attitude and posture when closing.

Approach your prospect with the posture and mindset of contribution…

The mindset of, “It’s not about me closing the sale, it’s about me helping them! I want to get them started because I believe it’s what is in THEIR best interest.”

I can teach you the right words, but if you don’t have the right posture or mindset…

The words are never going to work because you’re not coming from the right place.

We are using the same 3-step framework I teach in my, “How to handle objections in Network Marketing” video you can find below:

Close with leadership.

Close with authority.

Make Life An Adventure!
Matt Morris
#1 Best Selling Author


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