How To Overcome Objections In Network Marketing

The 3-step concept for overcoming objections in network marketing. Over the years this man has  built an organization of over 1 million customers and have closed thousands of people... If I've learned anything... Objections WILL come up. What happens when they DO? This video is to arm you with the framework needed so you can close anyone who's close-able. Most people  crumble when faced with objections and end up not making the sale... or they start acting desperate! You must posture yourself in a way that THEY need YOU more than you need them. If you appear desperate... People are smart. They will sense it and immediately be turned off. Step 1: Validate the objection Make sure the objection is real! Many people say, "I don't have the money right now" as a polite way of saying no. Be direct & ask them, "Is it you don't really have the money or is this a polite way of saying no?" Step 2: Confirm their desire ask your prospect if they see an opportunity here? Have your prospect sell you! Step 3: Help! Be a coach! Your job is to take them to where they are,  to where they want to be. That's what leaders do. When you have what most people want, it gets a little easier, but nothing great happens without action! The opportunity he did it with is HERE:

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