How To Close A Sale In Network Marketing

The reason I’ve been able to recruit powerful leaders that have led to over 1 million customers and $2 billion in sales over the past 3 years is because I sucked at closing…

I sucked so bad that I HAD to get good at it.

I’ve discovered some key fundamentals along the way that have given me ultimate time and money freedom.

In order to build a tall building, there must bee a deep foundation.

Number 1: Have fun in the process

This is something I commit to doing every time…

When you’re not having fun, your prospect isn’t having fun.

This also allows you to do the next thing…

Number 2: Fall in love with the process

I used to be super nervous…

Scared of rejection…

Fearful of what people might think…

Massive anxiety towards the last minute of the presentation…

I hated it!

I did such a lousy job closing because I was so nervous!

I had to rewire my brain to fall in love with closing!

If I was ever going to get good at closing, I must love the process.

Re-program yourself to say, “I love the process! This is JUST a game! I’m excited.”

Once you’re excited, you can…

Number 3: Show them how to feel!

People buy with emotion then justify later with logic.

You may have all the cool benefits and features, but that’s NOT what gets people to sign up.

Lead with emotion.

People will be more drawn to you if they feel like you’re excited and passionate.

Number 4: Assume the sale!

Assume they’re ready to get started!

Don’t just show someone the business…

Assume you’re about to launch a HUGE team with this person.

Number 5: Answer these questions:

Does it work?

Can I do it?

Will you help me?

These are the questions EVERY prospect has.

Answer these questions during the presentation and you’ll have a much higher ratio.

Number 6:

Close early and close often.

When the presentation is over…

Don’t go into salesmanship after the presentation!

Go for the close!

Closing often means if they have objections…

Answer those objections…

Then close again!

Number 7: Be sold on your products and services…

Be passionate about what you’re selling.

If you’re not…

Go sell something else!

Be so passionate and sold on your own product that you feel you are doing them a disservice by not having your product/service!

Make Life An Adventure!
Matt Morris
#1 Best Selling Author


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