Where Focus Goes, Energy Flows | Tony Robbins

If we intend to achieve amazing outcomes and fulfillment in our job, life, or objective, we require  laser concentration on what it is we actually want, as well as produce a crystal clear vision of where we intend to go. Having a clear result or outcome and consistently concentrating on it right away changes your actions, offering you the momentum you require to take small actions daily that will result in geometric results. This is how to achieve fulfillment here: ==>https://bit.ly/2CQ7tiH

7 thoughts on “Where Focus Goes, Energy Flows | Tony Robbins

  1. What you focus on wires your brain into a certain perspective… With what ever perspective you CULTIVATE dictates your actions! What actions you take lead to the type of life you live! Much love all yalll!!! What you focus on right before bed is so much more powerful because it wires your mind right before sleep! boo ya! 😀 Meditate to become more aware of your thoughts! ❤❤❤

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