The Cold Hard Truth About New Recruits in Network Marketing, with Eric Worre

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7 thoughts on “The Cold Hard Truth About New Recruits in Network Marketing, with Eric Worre

  1. Listen to this marketing parasite! Its easy to tell when any of them lie, THEIR LIPS MOVE, however reality is a cruel master as it seems ‘uncle Eric’ has been investigated in the US in his past for  “Unethical business practices” this does sound a little like ‘fraud’…… you think? He has also been mentioned in various media reports, not in a flattering way, the usual claims of financial wrong doing, nothing proven of course however where there is smoke………just a thought!  He operates on a fine line between legality and otherwise feeding on the slow witted, the desperate and the unwary with a subtle inference that “You will make it” with his help and tutoring, it will not happen….ever! These people are parasites who see others as a cash advance, something to make money from, you are a commodity to exploit, they will sell their mothers for financial gain and smile constantly when you subscribe, all the way to the bank, with your money while you keep them wealthy and instead live on a pathetic dream of non existent success and an iconic life style!  MLM is poison, habitual liars, cheats and con artists thrive in its ranks, and the pond life above is part of it, it boasts a 97-99% failure rate, 100% in some cases, not a glowing resume’ for your financial future! MLM, the ‘dynamic business of the future’ and the “Go pro academy” don’t touch any of it!

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  3. It all depends on the leaders… when I hand you or teach you my process that “works” you’ll be successful. But ppl also have different goals and “successful” means diff things to diff people. I plan to bring in 10 ppl this month, lol. What am I?

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