The Drive Behind A Millionaire – Robert Kiyosaki [Millennial Money]

Who are you working for?

Millennials tend to get a bad wrap. They’re considered narcissistic, shy, and just looking out on their own.

In a recent interaction with a homeless gentleman wandering the streets of Arizona during another blistering hot summer day, Robert realized he had a choice to make.

The most important of those, spiritual, is what still guides him as the leader of the Rich Dad Company.

Reflecting on his college years at the Merchant Marine Academy, Robert understands how those developmental years assisted enhance him in all 4 intelligences: psychological, physical, psychological, and spiritual.

And therein lies the distinction in between the Millennial generation and those that came before it.

Millennials are much more socially conscious than the Baby Boomers and Gen Xers that preceded them. Robert provides credit with their desire to correct the errors of the past.

In this episode of Millennial Money, Robert Kiyosaki and host, Alex Gonzalez, discuss how the Millennial generation isn’t the only one that can be explained that method.

Remembering his time gaining from Bucky Fuller, he advises us that he does not work for me (oneself) however for everyone.

Where previous generations grew up with nothing, the Millennial generation has every advantage you can possibly imagine.

, his spiritual intelligence kicked in. Unifying.

While they are identified self-centered and entitled, Robert is quick to point out that they are also full of empathy and look for to make the world a better location.

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, his spiritual intelligence kicked in. Unifying.

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