Are We Experiencing a Black Swan Event? – Robert Kiyosaki & Harry Dent [Rich Dad Show Radio]

If you have actually been following your financial advisor’s recommendations of “invest for the long term” for the last several years you’ve been living fat, happy and dumb … up until now. The unexpected plunge in the stock exchange and the international spread of the coronavirus is making residents around the world a growing number of nervous as the days go by regardless of efforts by the Fed to pump in more money.

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Harry Dent, author of “Zero Hour: Turn the Greatest Political and Financial Upheaval in Modern History to Your Advantage,” warns, “Markets will be reduced to truth and might not recover for 25-30 years– if ever..

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In this episode of The Rich Dad Radio Show, Robert Kiyosaki and Harry Dent discuss precisely what is taking place in the stock exchange, the bond market, and the realty market. You’ll find out what Harry states he’ll be doing and what you can do to survive these unstable times.

7 thoughts on “Are We Experiencing a Black Swan Event? – Robert Kiyosaki & Harry Dent [Rich Dad Show Radio]

  1. Robert, you are an arrogant and condescending crook. Thank goodness people have exposed you. You love to hear yourself talk and you don’t even notice that you repeat yourself over and over again. You give no solid advice or steps, and you criticize everyone. You think you’re better than everyone else, such a narcissistic person you are. Maybe there’s a lot of people that think you’re brilliant but when you’re alone with your own thoughts you know that you’re not the person that you pretend to be. Rich, maybe, but I think you have some shadiness behind your deals.

  2. Australia has accepted many migrants to solve the problem of dying baby boomers and accepted a huge amount of Chinese students to study in our universities. Oh yes and sold off much of our assets to the Chinese. I personally feel they have made a huge mistake.

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