Financial Education Video – How to Raise Capital: The #1 Skill of an Entrepreneur

Financial Education Video from The Rich Dad Business

Cash capital is the lifeline of every investment. Without capital, there can be no product, no property, no sales, no cash circulation. Take a look at Robert’s video about his experiences raising capital for his first entrepreneurial endeavor.

During this one-of-a-kind, a never-to-be-repeated 3-day occasion with Robert Kiyosaki and his advisors you will learn:

To increase your monetary education, go to

* Robert’s experiences raising capital
* Why raising capital is the # 1 ability of an entrepreneur
* How you can develop this skill to benefit your company and property investing

Whether your future or present investments involve organization or real estate, raising capital is crucial to keeping your financial investments alive and producing cash circulation. Robert and his consultants are experts in this essential ability who practice what they preach and will share with you their understanding gleaned from years of real-life entrepreneurship and investment experience.

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7 thoughts on “Financial Education Video – How to Raise Capital: The #1 Skill of an Entrepreneur

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  2. hello robert i want to tell you a story brief overview of how you changed my life and the whole entire course of my life and save my life i will be forever in your debt and will spend my life trying to teach people what i know it all starts with me being kicked out my family home at a young age i then went and joined the infantry when i left the military i was lost and didnt know what to do with myself i spend several years living in a tent in the woods, heavyily depressed with no drive or outlook or optimism a loser waster and i got the point were i was about to kill my self aged 23 literally an hour or two before i did your video popped up on youtube it gripped me straight away i couldnt belive what i was hearing i totally understood and agreed with everything i was hearing this is the moment something clicks inside my head and everything changes i start listening to all you videos on youtube hours and hours and hours you start to mold my old way of thinking into a new way of thinking, i then discover crypto and down the rabbit hole i go, i start studying the global financial system studing and learning as much as i can about economics and crypto my drive for life come back everything changed everything will change i had no passion i was lost but now i am found i start to spend all day every day learning and studying like you say many many times you have to find real teachers i am a blockchain fundamentalist expert there are no many questions you could ask me i dont know im not rich now but i truely believe im going to become a billionaire im 25 now im so positive have so much drive and it all boils down to your message i will be forever internally grateful and when i do eventually get on top oh i made many many financial mistakes before this, it will be all down to you, i have potentially 75 years to mold what i know my aim in life is to help others i want my sister my mum and my brother to never have to worry about money ever again i will spread your original message with my crypto blend to thousands and thousands of people,there is no passion to be found playing small and settling for a life less than the one your capable of living, one day i pray i get on top and get to meet you to thank you in person thankyou mr robert kiyosaki and long live the hodlera and long live blockchain.

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