The FUTURE Of The Global Economy – Robert Kiyosaki & Patrick Bet-David (LIVE)

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Enjoy to discover what Robert thinks will occur to the middle-class in what he calls the “new economy,” what kind of leader the nation needs today, and what millennials have their fingertips that can change their monetary future for the great.

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Robert hosted his first-ever Instagram Live and had a really honest discussion with the developer of Valuetainment on Youtube, Patrick Bet-David about the future of the global economy in the middle of a significant monetary crisis.

7 thoughts on “The FUTURE Of The Global Economy – Robert Kiyosaki & Patrick Bet-David (LIVE)

  1. With ALL due respect to BOTH Robert and Pat, both of the people I MOST respect on this type of forum; NOT putting all your eggs in one basket is priority right now, especially with the upheaval ACROSS the country. That’s why MOST investors are standing on the SIDE-LINES! Its hard for people to think about investing when they are struggling to pay their RENT!!! ITS called “survival mode” luckily I day trade for a living so my money is ONLY tied up for 5-10 minutes! I find this to be the perfect type of money generator during the most uncertain times in modern American history!!! Here is an interesting video on what’s really possible with a small investment when utilized properly.

  2. RK is the reason why I quit my desk job to pursue real estate income properties and got to $35k per month gross (50% net) per month at age 33 with 0 experience and a family who never believed in anything other than working for the man. The Rich Dad philosophy of rich own assets, and assets are only assets if they produce cash flow is the realest advice I’ve ever got in finance. I started with credit cards and $2400 and I got units to sublease the bedrooms and started from there. Anyone can do this. Start small. Taste cash flow while you sleep and you’ll be hooked forever. This downturn is tough for me, but I know opportunities will be huge in the next 12-48 months if you know where to look. Good luck everyone. I’m not religious at all. But find out who is God and your own unique relationship with god.. he is giving you so much in every moment.. god is not a man.. it is a power like the sun.. it is one. You are like a tree besring fruits.. you’re abundant. Make god 1st in whatever way you can understand him in your mind (mine is reading the Quran, it speaks to my heart, the best book for man facing crisis.. it’s built to navigate corruption, chaos, and fakeness…I’m not religious at all… but just saying income properties is the real deal.. RK changed my life. Love that he’s still out here preaching his story and helping us.

  3. You should create a second channel on, which is a Blockchain based channel, so no one’s will censor your videos, I’m basing my comment on the fact that the conversation was cut for a reason, and that reason could be due to the strong censorship that YouTube is applying from few months ago.

    Get the second channel on a free speech platform like

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