How to Close Over the Phone

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7 thoughts on “How to Close Over the Phone

  1. I just have one comment. Notice how the whole attitude changes once Grant takes the phone. The other guy is pissed, unhappy and frustrated, so was I listening to this. Once Grant takes the phone and starts smiling, I freaking realized I’m smiling watching this. I bet the client’s attitude changed too. This is what works, DAMN IT! I’m no client of Grant Cardone, it’s no paid comment but I could feel how everything is changing once a different person with a different attitude starts talking. No magic tricks, no playing, no complex graphs to memorize and try to remember during a conversation, just an attitude. Grant, I guess you might need to work on your staff, man! No disrespect to the young guy but having the master next to you is a blessing, so use it for the good of us all!

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