When People Ask "How Much Are YOU Making?" – NMPRO #910

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7 thoughts on “When People Ask "How Much Are YOU Making?" – NMPRO #910

  1. Not one MLM ‘business operator’ has EVER given me credible proof as to what they earned AFTER expenses. Their variety of answers includes  “it depends on your effort”  “you may make a lot more than I do” “I am bringing in cash, can’t put a figure on it” “it takes time to build”  “it all depends on what you put into it” ” I am sure you will do well”  the standard evasive replies. Never a straight answer, the reason, you guessed it,  MOST earn little or nothing, they are chardonnay ‘business operators’ who can’t afford tap water and that sums up MLM. Reality is a cruel master 0.001% of NOTHING are standard earnings. The ‘marketing pro’ above is part of this make believe industry which boasts a 97-99% failure rate, 100% in some cases and it seems just like some many of the other sharks who coach from its side lines he has been investigated in his past for ‘unethical business practices’ which sounds like FRAUD in layman terms and has also been mentioned in various media reports, not in a very flattering way, the usual claims of financial wrong doing, nothing proven of course BUT where there is smoke………Most of these parasites are very clever and walk a fine line between legality and otherwise. They are habitual liars, cheats and con artists, they thrive in this industry, the above ‘marketing pro’ included, they smile, all the way to the bank, and stay wealthy with your money while you live in hope and a shallow premise that you might make it big, with their help, it will not happen….ever. Don’t be fooled MLM is poison! Don’t touch any of it!

  2. mr. coach Eric, when i just was rooling in your channel searching some new vedios to learn tips and idea, i was attracted by this address so strong, i was long time befor when i showing my plan and handling the objections, specially this objection, i am was freezing for fear of a bad answer.
    so the prospect get nervous and go away, i losed alot of prospects becouse of this objection.

    thank you alot, you help me so mutch.

  3. Understanding the difference between DECEPTION and DISCLOSURE are key. If you outright lie to somebody about your earnings, that’s deception and absolutely wrong. However, it’s also very rude for somebody to ask a person what they’re ‘making’. In my second month of my business, I had a bonus cheque of £72.72 and I was asked ‘how much are you making?’ At an opportunity meeting. I pulled out my cheque, held it in the air and said – ‘you wouldn’t believe what I’m making, but it’s four figures’. Nobody could see my cheque, but I hadn’t deceived anybody. £72.72 really is four figures.

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