How to Win in Anything–Grant Cardone

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7 thoughts on “How to Win in Anything–Grant Cardone

  1. I’m tired of making calls Uncle G. I’ve decided that as soon as the weather breaks I’m going outside with a lawn mower with every intention on getting 40 customers. If I cut 4-5 lawns everyday I can get all my customers done in two weeks. Which means by the time I’m finish with the last customer the first customer will be ready to see me again. I can make $100 everyday minimum like that. That’s step A for me right now. I’ll probably continue to make music when i get home from doing that because I like to hear myself rap. As i build a savings account, an expenses account and a investment account I can began to look for employees, extra mowers & began paperwork to get an LLC or DBA. If I hire two guys and pay them half of everything after I have built a reasonable company savings I can began to look for new clients(customers) or even began going to city council to bid on city lawns which are long-term contracts. Or maybe I get another 20-40 customers.

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