The Fed is Bailing Out the Rich AGAIN – Robert Kiyosaki Quarantine Updates

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7 thoughts on “The Fed is Bailing Out the Rich AGAIN – Robert Kiyosaki Quarantine Updates

  1. Robert, why have you never told us the real story about how you got your foot in the door to BEGIN investing. Someone had to have helped you if your dad was so poor. You can’t build a publishing or real estate empire overnight without some help. I’ve purchased and read several of your books. I’ve bought and played your games. You do have a lot of great information. I became a real estate investor and did well for several years, I also lost money in real estate. I’m totally in stocks, bonds, and mutual funds right now – other than the two properties I own outright.

  2. Can you help us with actually investing, like what reliable sources to look at to see the prices?
    what website or application to use to invest in Bitcoin, gold and silver?
    Can you tell us what you use ? And how?

  3. What’s even more concerning.

    The stock market has always been a very risky investment vehicle.

    Gics, bonds, treasury Bill’s were always secure investment instruments. Paying an interest rates.

    Today. The stock market has become the secure investment vehicle.

    And gic, bonds, treasury Bill’s have become the risky investment.

    I’m not sure how this risk curve flipped. But I am sure when it all comes crashing down it’s going to be an armageddon for economies around the world. Somewhere within the next 10 years.

    I’ve learned alot from robert regarding assets and Protecting those assets using corporations.

    In today’s economy. All asset classes are way over inflated. Including real estate.

    Normal secure investments. The ones that have been considered secure for 100s of years are no longer secure. The market has changed.

    The only asset class that is not over inflated. Is precious metals. But this asset class can also come under scrutiny by our governments. Like our government setting the spot price to a certain price. Like they did during the great depression.

    Were also entering a period of time where the division of wealth between the rich and the poor is at a level seen during the roaring twenties. Prior history may be irrelevant. But history tends to repeat itself in different ways.

    It’s a zero sum game. And since there is no longer a middle class who has extra income to spend or retail investors to invest. The wealthy end up taking there own money.

    So the government prints it. Because there is nothing left to take from the 95 percent.

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