Contribution: Key to A Happy Life | Tony Robbins

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7 thoughts on “Contribution: Key to A Happy Life | Tony Robbins

  1. I never cry. Last time I cried was a year ago. But this video, his message…I understand now. After 15 years of my life of trying to understand, I finally get it. Give without expectations. Donโ€™t give with the expectation of getting something in return. Just give what you can. Money, a listening ear, act of service, whatever it may be. I was tired, extremely tired, of living in lack. I leave for Marine Corps boot camp on May 4th 2020, and instead of wondering what the Corps can do for me, I feel invigorated to give back to my country, and my heart swells with fucking joy. Now I know. Now I understand.

    Thank you so much, Tony. Thank you.

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