The Economy is DYING – Robert Kiyosaki Quarantine Updates

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7 thoughts on “The Economy is DYING – Robert Kiyosaki Quarantine Updates

  1. You have opened up my eyes so much.i appreciate your videos. I spend proba ly 5 hours a day learning from you and hoping to use it to better my future. I just boughtmy first rent house and hoping to learn all i can from you and keep the cash flow going. Thanks

  2. Why aren’t we implementing Nesara/Gesara right now? There’s so much fraud and corruption from the Fed, the Bankers, Politicians, and Deep State at our expense.

  3. FED is not incompetent. It’s their plan to overflow the market with ”fake money”. They are trying to enslave the world with a basic strategy called ”fractional reserve banking”. The strategy makes your dollars less and less valuable until the dollars worth nothing. Brilliant and diabolical, right?

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