The SEVEN Things You NEED To Learn for Your Financial FREEDOM – Robert Kiyosaki

When Robert Kiyosaki was young, his poor dad always told him the best path to success was to go to school. This was and still is advice spread to young people around the globe.

The problem is, what does school teach you about money? Nothing!

Robert’s rich dad, on the other hand, didn’t have a college degree. He had to drop out of school in order to help run his family business, which started as a local store. Yet he was very rich and successful, eventually building a real estate empire complete with a hotel on the beach.

The idea that school will make you a success is perpetrated everywhere and all the time. What will make you rich is not going to school and learning book smarts but rather gaining financial smarts—learning how money works and how to make it work for you.

You need to learn to speak the language of money to be successful. That takes financial education, which opens up a whole new world, a world where you can succeed on your own terms. Unfortunately, our schools don’t teach that language. They teach you the basics, and then they either teach you a specific trade or skill, or they simply train you to be an employee.

Watch and find out the seven things they don’t teach you in school, but that are imperative to financial freedom.

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7 thoughts on “The SEVEN Things You NEED To Learn for Your Financial FREEDOM – Robert Kiyosaki

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