The Rich Live By This Rule – Kim Kiyosaki [CASHFLOW Clubs]

The rich live by this one rule: You need to know your numbers. A key instrument to understand where you are financially not only in the CASHFLOW game but also in real life is by using an auditor.

When Robert and I made sure that from the start of our entrepreneurship goals we had Betty the bookkeeper. Coming to terms with your current numbers and reality can be painful but the pain is what can help you reach your financial goals in the future.

An important and exciting space on the CASHFLOW Game is “PAYDAY”. Payday is your salary plus your passive income and very similar to real-life situations when you have to remind your tenants or clients that their due date for payment is approaching. Being focused will help you increase your passive income and become FINANCIALLY FREE.

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7 thoughts on “The Rich Live By This Rule – Kim Kiyosaki [CASHFLOW Clubs]

  1. Robert, did you delete the video talking about not getting too big or they’ll stomp on you? I thought that video was great. Thanks to you and Kim for all your videos. Back to the cash flow game I guess.

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