The Fastest Way To Reach A Full Time Income In Network Marketing

Today’s question comes from Marquel in Georgia: “For someone who is looking to make sure he is being productive and moving forward and building a big team and creating a 6, 7, or even 8 figure income in network marketing, what should their daily method of operation look like?”

In other words, What should you do to get to a full time income in network marketing fast?”!

And that’s an awesome question so let me give you my method of operation for building a team that generates a full time income.

Really, there are 2 things you should be spending your time on and 2 things only. The percentages will adjust as you grow your team but for any one looking to build their network marketing business to a full time income, here’s how I do it and how I coach my team to do it.

70% of your time should be spent doing revenue generating activities – Inviting, Presenting, Following up

30% Of your time should be spent on training and promoting activities – Training new team members as you’re getting people started and promoting events.

This is what I personally did to get to a full time income in network marketing and what I coach my team to do and I’ve had over 200,000 people enroll in my team over the past 4 1/2 years.

For the 70% your job is to do 3-5 presentations or exposures everyday (Not one presentation with 3-5 people, that only counts as one)

What you should be laser focused on is the number 30. There’s magic in the number 30. You should be focused on enrolling 30 people as fast as you can and doing it with people you have relationships with. Not a huge email blast where you promote the business to 100K people and 30 enroll because that doesn’t create longevity and it’s not duplicatable.

Plus, if you’re enrolling 1 person for every presentation, it’s almost impossible to not find some aces who really take it and run with it and build the business fast and 30 can turn into thousands!

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