Overcoming the "I'm not a sales person" Objection in Network Marketing

Welcome back to Episode 7, the final episode in the closing series – How to Overcome Objections in Network Marketing

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So in this episode I’m going to cover another one the most common objections we face in network marketing:

“I not a sales person…”

Step 1: Go back to the framework!

And this is where it becomes VERY important to make sure any and everything you’re doing is duplicatable. In other words, anyone should be able to step in and do exactly what you are doing and that means, you NEVER want to be a sales person anyway because most people hate to sell!

Question 1: You know what John, I hear exactly what you’re saying. Let me ask you a question. To really see if you qualify to be successful with this, do think you could invite a friend for coffee?

They are always going to say yes, they kind of have to!

And then I just tell them, “If you can invite a friend for coffee, you can be successful with this. Because let me just explain to you how this business works. 95% of the people in the world do not like to sell! So the fact that you don’t like to sell is actually going to set you up for success because the biggest mistake people make in our business is trying to sell it or trying to explain it themselves instead of letting a tool to the selling for them.

So if you have the ability to invite someone for coffee, and I’m with you to a presentation all you have to be is an information tour guide!”

So let’s get you started OK?

Again, it’s as simple as following the framework laid out here.

Always use this basic framework on how to handle objections in network marketing.

Don’t over think it, it’s really simple. Don’t ever complicate it, it’s really simple. Don’t think you can’t do this, it’s really simple!

If you just DO it, you’ll see how amazingly well it works and always remember it’s a sorting business versus a selling business!

If you’ve got a question I can help you out with be sure to send it in to: askmatt@mattmorris.com and as always,

Make Life An Adventure!

Matt Morris
#1 Best Selling Author

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7 thoughts on “Overcoming the "I'm not a sales person" Objection in Network Marketing

  1. Say, “I’m SO glad you said that! We’ve specifically designed this business especially for people who can’t sell or don’t like to sell. For example, these tools and systems (name the tools and systems) do the explaining FOR you. Besides, you’re selling me right now! Did you know? You’re selling me on the idea that you can’t sell! (smile).

    Do you have a girlfriend/boyfriend/spouse/friends? Guess what? You had to sell YOURSELF to them. Have you ever gone on a job interview? You were selling YOURSELF. So everybody is in sales already, whether they want to be or not. You’re always influencing somebody, right?”

  2. Matt, you’ve really successfully inspired me a lot and I have also learnt a lot from you and I just want you to know I’m really thankful for that. But one more thing, how about the objection “I think this is too good to be true, there must be something wrong about it.” May I know how would you handle such objection?

  3. Just got into Network Marketing and am already planting seeds by cold calling… follow-ups start tomorrow 🙂 Totally excited. Has anyone out there used MLM Gods? I signed up for free a few days ago and am already getting a ton of prospects calling. I’m not even a VIP. What’s the catch to this marketing platform? Will I have to pay later? Does anyone know about why MLM Gods is giving me all these leads for free? Josee

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