Overcoming the "I don't have the money" Objection in Network Marketing

Overcoming The “I don’t have the money” Objection!

Welcome back to part 3 of the closing series on how to overcome objections in network marketing!

In the last video I laid out a proven framework for you to overcome objections and now we’re going to dive into very common and specific objections. This is one we all hear everyday, “I don’t have the money…”.

So you introduce someone to the business and they say, “You know, it’s great but I don’t have the money…”

So we go back to the framework for overcoming objections in network marketing and it usually goes something like this: (I’m going to lay this out as a script to make it easier)

You: “You know I totally hear where you’re coming from but tell me this. Do you REALLY not have the money or is that just your polite way of telling me no?”

Them: And in most cases, there going to say, “No, I just don’t have the money”

You: “Well, tell me this. Do you WANT to do this?”

IMPORTANT: Then you just WAIT! Because if they really don’t want to do it, you’re job is to sort not sell and go find someone who DOES want to do it. What you’re looking for at this point is for them to start selling you on them wanting to join the business.

1. If they don’t want to do it, you’re done here and it’s time to thank them for taking a look and to move on.
2. If they start selling you on the idea that they want to do it, you proceed forward.

Them: “Yes, I really do want to do it!”

You: “Are you SURE? Do you REALLY want to do this and do you want to make it work for you?”

You want to have them tell you a second time, “Yes! I really do” At this point yo’ve gotten them to convince you twice that they want to do it.

Now you’re job is to become a consultant. Help them find a way to get what they just told you they want.

Here are some methods to use to help people get a clear perspective on their perceived limitations. What you have to understand is that most people just don’t think with a “can do” attitude and it’s become your job to help them develop that mindset moving forward.

And when you focus on the fact that that attitude will not only get them what they want from the business but will greatly enhance their life, you’re doing them a HUGE service and it’s something you can be proud of.

You’re not selling them on the business, you’re consulting them on their own hidden ability to create what they want out of life!

So here are some methods I use to do this:

You: “Who do you love most in your life?”

Them: “Person X” (Let’s call say it’s their Mom)

You: “Let’s say your Mom get’s thrown in jail today (obviously for a crime she didn’t commit) and bail costs (whatever the cost of your opportunity is, let’s say $500 dollars), what are you gonna do? Are gonna let your Mom stay in jail all night overnight with a bunch of other criminals or… are you gonna find a way to come up with the bail money?”

Pause and WAIT for an answer. Almost every time they’re going to say they are going to bail Mom out!

You: “That’s awesome! Well, here’s my advice to you. You could obviously come up with the money because you could come up with it for your Mom so come up with the money, let’s get you started here, let’s get you earning some money and let’s get you out of financial jail! Because that’s really what you’re in…”

Pause and let that sink in for a minute.

Another scenario I use after they decided they want to do the business is this.

You: “Let me ask you this. If I could sell you a brand new $150K Ferrari for $500 dollars BUT you had to come up with the money in the next 24 hours, would yo buy the Ferrari?”

Pause and wait for an answer.

Them: “Of course I’d buy it!”

You: (Consultant mode) “Obviously you CAN come up with the money so let’s help you! What do we need to do to help you come up with the money in the next 24 hours? Because we want to get you into a situation where you become financially free and you can one day buy that Ferrari!”

Always approach this with the mindset that you’re helping people because you are! Helping them get over limiting beliefs, helping create opportunity. Helping them create a “can do success based attitude”. And helping them take a step down a path that leads them to a life they always dream about but never take action to create!

If you’ve got a question I can help you out with be sure to send it in to: askmatt@mattmorris.com and as always,

Make Life An Adventure!

Matt Morris
#1 Best Selling Author

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7 thoughts on “Overcoming the "I don't have the money" Objection in Network Marketing

  1. I keep getting this objection. “I’m doing the Dave Ramsey thing”. I myself love Dave Ramsey, but damn people. Don’t throw away the hope of a future on your terms.

  2. I had several people tell me they would leave their mother in jail. The car analogy did not work either. My prospects said I could sell the car in less than an hour and multiply my investment a 1000 fold.

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