Overcoming Objections in Network Marketing – "I want to think about it"

Welcome back to Episode 4 in the closing series – How to Overcome Objections in Network Marketing

If you haven’t seen the first 3 episodes in the Closing Series, I recommend that you watch those:

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Episode 2: Framework For Overcoming Objections

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First off, it’s important to understand that while the objections might change, the framework doesn’t. So always remember to use this framework with objections and ALWAYS remember these 2 things:

1. Your objective is to sort, not sell
2. Your goal is to progress to the point you become a consultant that has one purpose, to help them overcome and solve their problems/challenges (AFTER you sort).

So in this episode I’m going to cover one the most common objections we hear in network marketing:

“I want to think about it…”

How do you handle the “I want to think about it” objection? The presentations over, you’ve showed them the business, and they want to think about it. What now?

Go back to the framework:

Question #1: You know what John, I totally here what you’re saying. But is it really that you need to think about it or is that just your polite way of saying no?

If they really don’t want to do it, just shake their hand and thank them for taking a look at it.

If they say something like, no I want to but I just really like to think about things or sleep on it before I make a decision…

Question #2: Alright Jon, no problem, tell me this, do you really want to do this? (Have him convince you that he wants to do it)

Question #3: Are you sure? Are you serious? Do you really want to do it? Because it really doesn’t matter to me either way.

Now, once you’ve got them selling you on why they want to do it, your only job is to be a consultant. To help them work through whatever it is that’s holding them back from getting started.

Question #4: So you know you want to do it but let me ask you this, do you want to make a little bit of money or A LOT of money?

Of course they’re going to say “A LOT OF MONEY!” Then you say, That’s great, let me give you some coaching then. You can think about it and that’s perfectly okay with me but here’s a rule in our business:

People do what you do. The speed of the group is determined by the speed of the leader. So if you saw this and you think about it for a day or two even though you KNOW you want to do it, guess what your group is more likely to do? They’re going to think about it for a day or two. So here’s what I’m going to invite you to do. If you REALLY DO want to do this and you see an opportunity here, go ahead and get started even though I know in your mind your thinking, “I’d like to think on it, I want to think on it, but I realize that people do what I do”.

And understand this, right now, you’re creating a story.

And you can use that story for the next 20 years in this business whenever you’re showing the business to someone and they say “I’ve got to think about it” you can tell your story.

See, this is nothing more than following the framework laid out here.
Now you’re helping him figure out how to get what’s in his best interest not in your best interest. You’re helping him get what he wants and that’s what makes people attracted to you and that’s what defines a true leader.

And now your moving into the Feel, Felt, Found aspect of the framework.
I know exactly how you feel. I’ve felt the same way. Here’s what I found (tell them a story about a top leader in the company)

Always use this basic framework on how to handle objections in network marketing. Don’t over think it, it’s really simple. Don’t ever complicate it, it’s really simple. Don’t think you can’t do this, it’s really simple!

If you just DO it, you’ll see how amazingly well it works and always remember it’s a sorting business versus a selling business!

If you’ve got a question I can help you out with be sure to send it in to: askmatt@mattmorris.com and as always,

Make Life An Adventure!

Matt Morris
#1 Best Selling Author

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7 thoughts on “Overcoming Objections in Network Marketing – "I want to think about it"

  1. You never ask, “What is there to think about?” It’s nearly ALWAYS a stall. It’s B.S.! Try this: 🙂

    “I hear what you’re saying. But you know, I’ve been doing this for quite some time now, NAME, and if there’s one thing I’ve learned over the years is that you simply won’t call back …

    … It has nothing to do with the program. Despite how great you know it is, and how much money you know the program can make for you, and how many problems you know it can solve, you’ll simply get caught up in the daily grind again and not take action. That’s just the way it is …

    … I mean, let me say this: one of true beauties of the program is that it actually comes with an
    unconditional 60-day guarantee. If you go through the products and don’t like them, or can’t sell them, you can return
    the empty containers, and get a 100% refund, no questions asked. So it costs you absolutely nothing! …

    And we can part friends. So what’s the worst that can possibly happen here? … Let’s say I’m wrong, and
    you absolutely hate the products, can’t sell them, or anything else you don’t like. You get a 100% refund …

    … Is that going to put you in the poor house? (Wait for a response)

    Exactly! Of course not! But on the upside, if you find these products and program even one-tenth as amazing as
    the rest of my team does, whom many are already making significant money by helping their others,,
    you’re going to be literally soaring to success.

    The biggest upside is what the program can do for you over the long term, in the way of residual income. Wouldn’t you like to see a life without stress, and have money rolling in even if you don’t work, and time freedom to do what you want?

    Great! So do this: Let’s get you enrolled in the program right now to get your started. It’s easy. After that, I’ll hold your hand every step of the way, and show you all the ins and outs of this business. Is that fair enough?”

    Every network marketer in the world should read and study this book.


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