How To Recruit In a Cold Market

One of the most common questions I get asked is, “Matt, how do you recruit in a cold market?”.

And it should be no surprise that trying to recruit in a cold market is one of the most common frustrations people have also.

So I thought I’d record a quick tip on how I recruit in a cold market because it works.

You’re going to be out and about living your life anyway so let’s say one day you run into a sharp prospect. Someone who just has that “thing” about them that you know they’ll do great in your business.

And you want to recruit them.

What do you do? How do you talk them? How do you recruit in a clod market without looking like a total psycho? LOL

Well, the first step is you build rapport. You’ve got to wait until it becomes appropriate. Talk to them about them. Find some common ground. Find things about that person that you’re genuinely interested in.

And once you’ve built some rapport, use this simple next step to effectively recruit in a cold market.

Just say to them:

“Are you married to your job or you open minded?”

That’s it!

What do you think most people say? They say they’re open minded. And when they do, you hand them you phone, tell them to put the number in, tell them you’re a recruiter for a large company and you can’t promise them anything but “you’d love to talk to them sometime”.

That’s it. It works to recruit in a cold market. After that, it’s just a numbers game.

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7 thoughts on “How To Recruit In a Cold Market

  1. Hi Matt, i always get great value from your videos. I have been going out and getting quite a number of leads. What are the steps you follow with the prospect after you have gotten their number. Do you invite them for a presentation immediately, or opt for a more convenient option of sending them to an online presentation? Would really appreciate if you can offer some tips with this as it’s my current sticking point. Thanks

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