How To Present Your Network Marketing Business To Win!

In this episode of Ask Me Anything T.V, Brian Mercedes asks: “What’s your favorite way to present your business?”

That’s a great question, thanks Brian!

I’ll start by giving you my favorite way to present my network marketing business! If I’m presenting my business to a group I usually go to a full power point presentation.

I like to make sure it’s very detailed, I want to be able to interact with the audience, tell some jokes, and engage with the people that are there.

Now if I’m meeting one on one or have just a handful of people like an in home presentation or something like that, I prefer and recommend the video for the best way to present your network marketing business.

And the reason I prefer the video is just for the duplication factor.
Because the #1 thing that people are thinking when they look at your network marketing business is, “Can I do it and be successful?”

You could have the best product in the world, the best compensation plan in the world, the best EVERYTHING in the world but none of that really matters if they don’t believe they can actually do it and be successful promoting your business themselves.
That is the #1 question people have anytime you present your network marketing business no matter you you present it and that’s why I personally like showing the video.

So here’s what I call the 3-Step Close. What the 3-Step Close is designed to do is answer in their mind that #1 question of “Can I do this and be successful” every time you present your network marketing company to anyone.

If they REALLY believe that they can make a lot of money or be successful through following your system, they will actually join.

Before I show them the video I say, “John, I want you to pay attention to how little I have to do to explain this to you…” Then I over exaggerate the effort it takes to push play!

Step 1: I’m going to say, “Awesome right? What did you like best?”. This solicits a response I want because he’s gong to answer with something and I’m going to say, “I know! Me too! I couldn’t agree more…”

Step 2: I’m going to say, “Know I do have to ask you a question to see if you qualify to be successful with this…” He’s expecting me to sell him, this gets his attention and qualifies him.

Then I’ll say drop the qualifying bomb on him, “Do you think you have the ability to push play like I did?” What’s he gong to say every time? YES! Of course!

Step 3: Then I say, “Congratulations! You qualify, welcome to the team!” and put your hand out for a handshake! Then I say, “Let’s go ahead and get you plugged in and I’ll show you how to make your money back in the next few days! Sound cool?”

That’s the 3 step close and the the most effective way to present your network marketing business!

So thanks Brian for the great question and if you have any thoughts or tips for Brian feel free to leave them in the comment section below!

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Make Life An Adventure!

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