3 Tips to Creating Legacy – Cardone Zone

Here is the wealth pyramid:

Indebted —income —scarcity —prosperity —affluence —abundance —legacy wealth

How do you go up the pyramid? Here are 3 simple steps:

#1 Know the steps—You must know where you are and how to get there!

#2 Create multiple flows of income—Nobody gets to the top with legacy wealth apart from multiple flows of income, period.

#3 Invest money—How will you set aside enough money to invest?

You are in of these 7 places. How far you climb up will depend on who you listen to and how much action you decide to take!

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7 thoughts on “3 Tips to Creating Legacy – Cardone Zone

  1. I’ve been watching you for a little over a year and my life has already changed significantly regardless of this pandemic and losing my best friend and father to the corona virus. One main phrase you said a little bit back that has stuck out to me is sacrifice a little, for a lot. For now, my immediate happiness is on hold and I’ve been obsessed with several projects. Fingers crossed, though I’m not relying on mere hope. Action, and tiny victories are paving my road for financial freedom.

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  3. What I have learnt from Grant is the importance of learning how to communicate. Like, I habe no problem communicate but hownto get to the point. Yeah
    That one. And then, hunger for real estate. It’s my future goal.
    Thanks Grant.
    By the way, I like your jokes. I have some laugh while I learn something.

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